welcome to kern pools WE build the best swimming pool for every client

welcome to kern pools WE build the best swimming pool for every clientwelcome to kern pools WE build the best swimming pool for every client



   Kern Pools is the most qualified project designer and swimming pool builder in Kern County. We have over 25 years of experience designing and building pools. We use a cutting edge 3-D design process that allows our pools to be built to exact specifications. Our up-to-date knowledge means you benefit from the most progressive design, structurally sound pool, with beautiful features and assured safety available today. Kern Pools owner,  takes his position in the pool industry very serious, and is … well … a perfectionist! He is committed to being one of the best in the industry and his passion carries throughout his staff, who are highly trained and experienced professionals.  


   Many of the features and construction standards that Kern Pools incorporates into your swimming pool project are things you won’t even see when your pool is complete. However, they’ll make a huge positive impact on the ease of care and maintenance and the long-term durability of your pool’s structure. A Kern Pool is built following stringent specifications that exceed industry standards, including:

More structural steel than any other competitor.

Kern Pools are designed and constructed based on what’s BEST for our clients.  

Our plumbing systems utilize larger piping and superior system design. On every project we install the most energy efficient pump on the market. This allows our customers to save money in energy cost and have maximum performance and ease of maintenance.  

A required inspection process throughout construction.  

Engineered construction plans to ensure precise and accurate construction.  

Comprehensive and detailed estimates so you know exactly what you’re getting and what you’re paying for.  

Do your homework and consider many factors when selecting a pool contractor. Kern Pools has an A+ Rating with the BBB 


   What makes Kern Pools different from most pool companies?

Kern Pools is a complete start to finish design and build company so you aren’t limited to the “cookie cutter” pool packages and commonly-seen features you find at most pool companies. Instead, each Kern pool is truly customizable, so that it meets your budget and fulfills your personal desires while seamlessly integrating with your property and your lifestyle. In addition, many people don’t have a “vision” of their new pool. If this is the case, at Kern Pools we have decades of experience in the "Art of Design". Our professionals will work closely with you to create a unique pool environment that reflects your individual taste.